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Mt. Wesley Akin Nazarene Church
Mt. Wesley Akin Nazarene Church
Mt. Wesley Akin Nazarene Church has been serving the Christian Community since 1878, when it was first constructed as a Missionary Methodist church by the Rev. William O. Roberts. As a congregation, we are made up of people just like you. When you walk through the doors, you will encounter people from all walks of life. That diversity allows us to reach out to different sectors of the community with a message of hope that we believe will change lives.

We exist to present Jesus Christ in a contemporary, creative, credible and caring way; to offer people a church family that is characterized by a loving, forgiving, accepting, and healing environment; and to turn spiritual seekers into fully-devoted followers of Christ.

Ministers and Staff

Pastor: David Usry
Assistant Pastor: James Hanback, Sr.
Youth Pastor: Athen (AJ) Jones
Sunday School Superintendent: Jeff Fox
Music Director: Ramona Robertson

A Brief History

The following historical account of Mt. Wesley Akin Church of the Nazarene is excerpted from The Turning Thanks Cookbook. All profits from sales of the book are donated directly to the church.

Akin Chapel 1908-1987

The Missionary Baptists erected a chapel two miles west of Water Valley in 1896. It cost them about $300. The building was located on what is now called Akin Ridge Road near the schoolhouse, which was then known as Akin Academy. The schoolhouse was named for A. N. Akin, who donated the school bell. Akin Academy was erected in 1886 at cost of $500 on land
donated by Dallas Alexander.

Akin Chapel was a part of the Water Valley Circuit along with the Fly and Sawdust churches. The parsonage was located in Water Valley and remained there through until April 1927, when
a fire destroyed it. A new parsonage was purchased for $962.50. It was located just off the Square in Santa Fe and remains there to this day. When the new parsonage was purchased, the circuit changed to the Santa Fe Circuit, which at the time included the churches of Hilltown, Akin Chapel, Mt. Wesley, and Fly. Akin Chapel continued to meet in the building that had
been purchased in 1910 until 1967, when the State of Tennessee condemned the property to build the Natchez Trace Parkway.

The Akin Church then purchased the Alexander Methodist Church, which was not being used at the time, for $500. The Alexander Methodist Church, also called the Water Valley Methodist Church, was built in 1883 on land donated by G. M. D. and Eben Alexander. The church was named in honor of them. The building is located about a half-mile west of Water Valley Community and resides on the same lot as the Alexandria Cemetery.

Akin Chapel continued to meet at their new location until December of 1987 when Akin and Mt. Wesley decided to merge in order to better serve the Lord.

Mt. Wesley: The Beginning

Mt. Wesley was originally formed by a Methodist denomination that was ministered by William O. Roberts and R.G. Lynn. The Methodists continued to hold church services at Mt. Wesley
from 1878 until 1918, when the property was sold to the Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene.

The Methodist and Nazarene Churches are based on the philosophy and doctrine of John Wesley. With this common ground one could say that the Rev. Roberts, who founded the Mt. Wesley Methodists church, also founded the Mt. Wesley Church of the Nazarene. Many of the Methodist church members remained in attendance at Mt. Wesley Nazarene, though some did not transfer their membership. Two known attendees were Jerome R. Vestal and Mrs. Rose Anna Adams Vestal.

On Dec. 6, 1918 the Board of Trustees of the Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene purchased the Mt. Wesley property from The Missionary Methodist Church.

In 1987, Mt. Wesley and Akin Chapel merged into Mt. Wesley Akin Nazarene Church. Akin Chapel vacated their building because of the construction of the Natchez Trace Parkway. Akin was originally built in 1908 under a Pentecostal denomination, but in 1911 became part of the Nazarene denomination.